Michael works predominantly with film and medium format cameras for his fine art work, photographing details from both the natural landscape and the urban environment. He particularly favours Holgas, employing their lo-fi optical characteristics to lend a nostalgic or dreamlike feel to his images. He also experiments with pinhole cameras as well as giving vintage cameras from thrift shops a second chance.

He often searches out locations that resonate with feelings of memory and the passage of time - such as a memorial in a cemetery, the transitory shadow of a tree, the impression a moving object leaves on a scene during a long exposure, or an object left behind with its story preserved in the photograph and continuing in the memory of the viewer. He is also drawn to places and pursuits we often associate with childhood, such as the seaside, funfairs or exploring the woods.
A recurring theme in his Holga work is the 'found' still life, most notably his series 'Fragments' in which he brings out the beauty and mystery of neglected or abandoned objects and overlooked scenes, fragments of the world around us that we often do not notice.